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A little guidance goes a long way when you’re building an anticancer lifestyle. These resources are designed to help simplify the process. Use them to create structure on your recovery journey and to arm yourself with empowering nutrition knowledge. 

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Rustic Remedy: Weight Loss Without Dieting

The Seven-Day Seasonal Detox

The Meal
Planning Guide

The Spring Wellness Workshop

Four Foods to Avoid During Cancer Recovery

Guide to Managing Cancer Treatment Symptoms

The Autumn Wellness Workshop

Cancer Prevention Workshop

Summer Wellness Workshop

Summer Wellness Workshop

Alchemy Healing Retreat

Seasonal Wellness Bundle

Winter Wellness Workshop

The Cancer Diet Cookbook

Nutrition Solutions for Cancer Recovery

– Alexis N. 

“My partner and I successfully completed the 7 Day Detox and really enjoyed it! It was clear, easy to follow (we found all the foods you suggested to use at the store!) and very satisfying. It was really very empowering. I have been feeling bloated & heavy and it definitely gave me the feeling of ‘lightening up’. We are going to do it for one week a month! I have been so excited about the detox, I have shared it with a good friend of ours who wants to lose weight & is addicted to sugar. She seems quite excited about it. Thank you for offering this Dionne. It has been inspiring.”

“Clear, easy, and very satisfying.”

– larry f.

“Thank you for the Detox program. I feel better, lighter, and calmer after completing it. I’ve lost some weight and slept much better than usual too. I will definitely make some changes as we transition back to our normal diet.” 

“I feel better, lighter, and calmer.”

– sarah z.

“Having a substantial amount of weight to lose is overwhelming. In the Rustic Remedy, Dionne flips the approach of mainstream ‘dieting’ and instead implements a progressive weekly plan with a simple and manageable focus/task each week that builds into a habit and lifestyle change. This is empowering rather than focusing on all the ‘do nots.’ It is also wonderful to revisit and use as a long term resource to get back on track at any time down the road from your initial time through. I have lost 20 pounds in the last 4-5 months, but more importantly, I will continue, holding the tenants of the Rustic Remedy plan as I go forward. 

“Transformative in my health journey.”  

– samara d.

“I’m so grateful for Dionne’s amazing Rustic Remedy program. Needing to make a major shift in my habits, Dionne’s program was simple and effective, with weekly goals to build on for 12 weeks. I’ve lost weight before, but I’ve never stuck with a program for more than 4-5 months. I’m happy to report after 7 months and 45 lbs, I’m still going strong. It feels like a lifestyle I can maintain for life. Thank you, Dionne.”

“Simple and effective.”

– tammy l.

“I wanted to thank you as I did the milk thistle and dandelion root detox tea that was suggested for my symptoms, and I immediately felt much better, frankly almost normal. And the best news was all my liver markers improved which my oncologist was very pleasantly surprised about as it's very unusual to have an improvement this far into the chemo cycle, due to the number of toxins in the body. Thought you would also like to know that, despite me being on my last chemo cycle (just have one more left!!!), my liver and kidney blood test scores were normal—a total reversion from the downward slide they had been on and consequent discomfort! THANK YOU!”  

“I immediately felt much better, frankly almost normal.”

– laura s.

"Thank you Dionne for this workshop. I especially appreciated learning more about the Spring foods that would help with detoxing my body and how each component of seasonal wellness matters in order to be & stay healthy. Thank you again!" 

“Thank you Dionne for this workshop.”

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